a clever witch
with hair like a poodle

Twirling on the tips of her toes, Hermione let an exasperated sigh as her gaze struggled to follow the ever fussy and ever running-a-muck peacock, appropriately named Draconis after his parents owner, Draco. “Draconis, I mean it! If you keep running about like a chicken without your head cut off, I’ll be promptly putting you back into your crate, little mister.” The little ball of fluff cocked it’s head at her and began to strut in a circle before flouncing around the floor. “Oh, you’re just as fussy as your namesake. C’mere this moment.” She collected the baby peacock after a few moments of chasing, and he cheerily pecked at her hair as she carried him to his rather large crate beneath her desk. “Now, you work off your rambunctious fluttering and I’ll be back soon with some lunch.” She gave him a little stroke, followed with petting Belle, her pygmy puff, and Crookshanks. Repeating the promise of returning with lunch to both of her other pets before stepping out of her dorm room.

It was the weekend, and most of the students were out enjoying Hogsmeade or roaming about the castle with friends. Speaking of friends… she took a detour from her way to the Great Hall and promptly went the extra ways towards the Slytherin dungeons. It had been far too long since she had spent any time with Daphne, and what better way to catch up than have some lunch? Maybe even head down to the field to watch the practice. Luckily, she didn’t have to walk the full ways, instantly spotting the familiar head of curls that could rival her own, only in a brilliant bright blonde. “Daphne!” She called out cheerily, waving her hand before they reached each other. She promptly embraced her dear friend into a tight hug. “Just the person I was on my way to see! Care to get some lunch with me?”

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